Thursday, 24 November 2011

Thomas Devaux


Obscure and elegant, the work of photographer Thomas Devaux exists in the duality of spirit to which most personalities are confronted. It is in fact another who is depicted – surprised as the individual plunges deeper into the most profound reaches of his or her “internal state”. His work leaves one questioning the ephemeral character and even the very notion of evanescent beauty.  
Replete in classical references and reinvented mythological personalities, Thomas Devaux amuses himself by playing with different photography styles before finally covering his tracks, leaving behind a finished work that is beautiful yet technically mysterious to the naked eye. With photographic samples taken from the world of fashion, he separates the personalities and materials from their environment in order to duplicate them, decompose them in order to reconstruct. He pushes of the boundaries of photography so that the final artistic work nearly replicates the look and spirit of lithography.

Thomas devaux's images have a very haunted feel about them. Strikingly modern, yet classically beautiful, Thomas Devaux's images have a very haunted quality to them.
Using imagery from classicial styles, mythological characters and religious icons, he combines them with a contemporary fashion styling. 
I think everyone will agree this his work is simply beautiful.
All images taken from Thomas Devaux's website : 

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